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We are four cabbage producers

We are Kohl Direkt: four farmers from Dithmarschen, the largest contiguous cabbage-growing area in Europe. Here, we produce our first-class certified white and red cabbage.

The proximity to the coast with balanced temperatures and high humidity offers the best conditions for cabbage vegetation, and assures consistent and high quality products. Our cabbage is grown on fertile marshland so that, due to the high groundwater level and the water-binding capacity of the soil, it is usually not necessary to sprinkle the cabbage plants even in the hottest summer, saving natural resources. Furthermore, the sea wind that is almost always present protects against pest infestation and reducing the need for pesticides. Powered by nature, our cabbage is environmentally friendly.

Our cabbage is gently harvested by hand from the end of September until the beginning of November. Each producer has their own cooling facilities and sufficient capacity to guarantee outstanding quality for the long term. If requested, we can arrange transportation of the produce you order.

We respond to your inquiries and wishes individually, quickly and directly!